The Boy with Tape on His Face - Cornucopia

The Boy with Tape on His Face - Cornucopia

في Palace Theatre

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Once upon a time, Sam Wills was a New Zealand stand-up with a mouthiness problem. But, as The Boy With Tape On His Face, he's created a vintage-style vaudeville act with a modern spin that will instantly make you think of silent, golden age screen comedy legends Harpo Marx and Buster Keaton. If those comic titans of yesteryear strike you as little square and slow-paced by the breakneck standards of our hurtling digital age however, fear not. One-man show The Boy With Tape On His Face is fast-paced, entirely modern, utterly fresh and hilariously funny.


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Palace Theatre
109-113 Shaftesbury Avenue

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2 hours 30 minutes

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Leicester Square Station, exit Charing Cross Road - Piccadilly/Northern Line

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