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What is ‘anabasis’? a | a word for seeking to obtain a gift by false premises b | the term for a fear of prolonged waiting c | the name for a journey leading upwards; the first phase of an illness d| a warning shouted before throwing water from above SPARK combines new writing, an original soundtrack and custom illusions in a reworking of the classic gothic ballad Lenore. When Leo’s long-absent lover returns from conflict, she readily takes the opportunity to elope with him but, before long, finds it hard to ignore the feeling that a sinister trick is being played on her. Leo tackles disappearances, denial and desperation as she steadily realises that any chance there was of turning back has long since passed. Answer: c


حجز التذاكر

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Dark Tunnel at The Vault Festival
Leake Street, Waterloo

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مدة العرض:
50 minutes

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Leave Waterloo via Exit 1. Turn right onto Station Road Approach & keep on the right hand side. Walk to the bottom of the road & down the first set of stairs. Turn right at the bottom & the entrance is 10m on the right hand side.

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+1 800-325-1964 +1 800-325-1964 البريد الإلكتروني البريد الإلكتروني