Sadler's Sampled: Political Mother ? The Choreographer's Cut

Sadler's Sampled: Political Mother ? The Choreographer's Cut

في Sadler's Wells

Political Mother was declared “an audio-visual marvel” when it first appeared at Sadler’s Wells in 2010 and was described as “mind-blowing” (The Daily Telegraph) when it was redeveloped for 16 dancers and 24 musicians as The Choreographer’s Cut the following year. Celebrated for its unforgettable rock gig atmosphere, Shechter’s breath-taking ensemble sequences and ground-shaking score create a powerful, energetic experience. Continuing Shechter’s revolutionary take on the experience of contemporary dance, audience members with standing tickets will be able to get close to the action to experience the full intensity of this “work of galvanising, challenging power” (The Guardian).


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